Ready For transportation

On Board

On the way to destination


Disassemble the parcel or vehicle and send it in separate parts (parcels).


A notification is made when the owner of the shipment discovers that the item has been found to have external damage.

Truck Rent

In order to temporarily stop a parcel/car in any Baram warehouse, you need to activate the "temporary stop" status


Consolidation of parcels into one shipment

Absorber Bags

Put Absorber Bags in car or container


Cargo has been taken by customer

Bill Of Sale

Need Bill of Sale

Origin Scan

Barami has received the shipment

Destination Scan

The shipment has arrived at the local Barami facility responsible for final delivery.


When you want the cargo to stay in the Barami warehouse for a long time. (Non refundable Fee $3)


For additional photos, from your profile please activate the special instruction button "Additional photos".

Need T.R.

To take additional photos, Please activate the special instruction button "Additional photos" from your profile

Insurance from Point of Pick Up - lost

The insurance fee is 5% of the declared amount.

Insurance from Point of Pick Up - damage

Insurance fee is 10% of the declared amount The insurance covers only visual damage and not technical malfunction.

Edit Destination address

Change cargo receiving location


Wrap, tape, mount hanged parts

Check Dimentions

Check weight, size, contents ($1 charge non refundable, if all requested info was correct in system)