Necessary procedures for sending
Cars from America to Georgia (Ocean)

If you want to send a car from the United States to Georgia, you have two options:

  1. You may bring the car yourself to one of our branches that is intended for cars.
  2. We can pick up your car from a desired address and bring it to one of our branches.

Addresses of all branches can be found in your personal hub on the Barami website. Please click on the “Addresses” section of the menu to see all branch locations.

Below each address will be a description of which types of shipment the branch is intended for (eg: car purchases, personal mail, internet mail). For car shipments look for a branch with the word “car.”

If you want to buy a car you can contact the Barami hotline and start the purchase/ selection procedure with us.

Barami allows you to transport your personal belongings completely free of charge when placing your belongings within your own vehicle. Please keep in mind that all items placed in the vehicle are still subject to customs clearance.