Customs procedures
Parcels from America to Georgia (Air)

Be aware that when shipping a parcel from the United States you are obligated to fill out the declaration form found in your personal office located on the Barami website. In the declaration you will fill out information about your parcel:

  • Parcel Type: Is it a personal packages or from internet shopping.
  • Product Description: Information about the items included within your package.
  • The value of the item(s) within the parcel.
  • Which website your parcel was obtained (ordered) from. *Only required if parcel is from an online store.*
  • Invoice *Only required if parcel is from an online store.*

The Parcel is Subject to Customs Clearance if:

  • Item(s) within the parcel is worth 300 GEL or more.
  • Weighs 30kg or more.
  • If large amounts of similar items are placed within the parcel.

Understand that:

  • If the items ordered from an online store total up to 300 GEL or more, then your parcels will be subject to customs clearance. 
  • If a parcel is ordered from an online store, the recipient/ company information must match the orderer/ payer information found on the invoice from the online order. If the information provided proves to be incorrect, you will be held liable as subject to the law.

According to the US Customs and Border Protection it is necessary to pay the corresponding fees in advance for parcels that are subject to customs clearance:

  • Taxable goods up to 300 GEL do not need to upload a receipt. 
  • A 20 GEL fee will be added for goods worth up to 300-3000 GEL.
  • A 100 GEL fee will be added for goods worth up to 3000-10 000 GEL. 
  • A 300 GEL fee will be added for goods worth over 10 000 GEL.

Payments should be made out to Treasury Code: 707017021 

The person paying the fee must be the same person who purchased the item(s), the name the item will be entering Georgia. 

The tracking code of the parcel must be indicated, this will usually be the last 8 digits.

P.S. Please note that the declaration cannot be completed without  the relevant receipt. Uploading the receipt in advance will help speed up the process of shipping your items.