Prohibited items
Parcels from America to Georgia (Air)
  • Categories of Certain Medications.
  • For certain types of plants, seeds and seedlings transportation is limited. Users must consult with the declarant about all necessary procedures and documents.
  • Pneumatic tools (items containing or operated by air/ gas under pressure) sellers will not be able to send to some warehouses depending on State policies. Transportation is possible if the caliber size does not exceed 4.5 mm. Shipping pneumatic tools had an additional transportation fee of $1 per kg, minimum is $15.
  • Night vision cameras, binoculars, scopes and other types of night vision equipment.
  • The transportation of any kind of weapon parts is prohibited.
  • Animals and their taxidermy.
  • Cash.
  • Any type of paint.
  •  Any type of explosives or flammable and pressurized substances.