Barami is a company with many years of experience, cooperating with the leading air and shipping line companies of the world! We are carrying out all the import / export or charter transportation of the cargo.

Barami offers  personal and online purchased parcels delivery service from 3 main warehouses in USA to Georgia , Armenia , Azerbaijan , Moldova, Russia , Ukraine - and  other locations of the world.

If you want to become agent , corportate client or representative of Barami Group and work with online parcel delivery service from USA please contact us 24/7 - +1 2013335555. +1 201 333 2200.

Personal Parcels

If you are located in USA and want to send a package overseas - here is a simple instruction :

Option 1 :

A package to our locations yourself. Addresses are listed on Website - Contact department.

Option 2 :

Request a pick up - look up to Barami Courier's contact info , make a call and request a pick up from your address.

Option 3 : Hand a Package to US Post Office and we will send it to Destination :

What information should be on Box ?

1. Sender Info :Name /Last Name / Phone

2. Receiver Info : Name /Last Name / Passport # ( Passport numbers are required for customs overseas)

3.Receiver's Phone / .

4. Cargo Description : Value and list of items.

5.Shipping Address :

Address Line 1 : 4 Lewis Circle Address Line 2 : Receiver Country Code : If you are sending parcel to Armenia - Put : N00000, For Georgia - G00000 , Azerbaijan - Z00000 City : Wilmington State : Delaware Zip : 19804